Fantasy and Science Fiction Author IE Castellano

The World In-between Series (Fantasy)

The portal fantasy series chronicles the adventures of Berty Chase—a modern man who discovers he belongs in the magical world, then both his worlds collide as he fights for everyone and everything he loves.

Book 1: The World In-between – Berty joins the battle for magic and changes his life forever
Book 2: The Bow of the Moon – To stop a covert society from finding a long lost magical item, Berty must find it first and hold on to it
Book 3: The Secrets of the Sages – As magical secrets threaten to unravel the Empire, Berty’s magical and mundane worlds collide
Book 4: Whispers – Berty scrambles to find a way to save the Empire
Book 5: Hope – Berty’s niece defends her place in the magical world
Book 6: Coming Soon

Companion Story: The Dragonlands – The history of the Dragons
Companion Story: Yuletide Magic – Before Berty entered the portal, a young girl made a wish

Where Pirates Go to Die (Space Opera)

Notorious pirate Naria breaks out of a high security prison, then leads a renowned bounty hunter on a cat and mouse chase across the galaxy as she does everything in her power to make the Galaxy leaders pay for their crimes.

Tricentennial (Dystopia)

Teen siblings, Xavier and Nickie Kelton, in a pandemic aftermath try to find the truth about what happened to their family and inadvertently start a revolution.

Readers Say:

“This book did not disappoint.  Quick fast read simply because you keep turning the pages.  I enjoyed it.”

“This is a gripping story that is sure to take your imagination to places it’s never been.”

“Really enjoyed this book.  Couldn't hardly put it down. … I look forward [to] more stories with these characters.”

“If you’re a reader not satisfied by the prosaic mundane, this book is for you.  Full of imagination and charm, rich in character development, vividly descriptive in all its sensual nuances, complete in and of itself and yet part of a series, I want to know more about this world in between!”

“Fast paced and exciting.  This is one of the best books that I have ever read.”

“Bow of the Moon takes the reader on an action packed adventure leaving no emotion untouched.  From start to finish I became totally immersed in the story and all of its characters, and had a hard time putting it down (even upon reading it a second time).”

“A quick read that brings back the magic of the holidays as only a child can see it.”

“If you follow this series, Dragonlands is a must read. It follows the story of the clans as they face dragon slayers, their own mortality, and finally find their place in the Land of the Sages.”

“… IE Castellano has taken childhood fancy and turned it into a world we all wish existed. Every time I opened the book, I lost myself and time.”

“IE Castellano tells another magical tale bringing the world of fairies, elves and other creatures to life in a mystical place that we can all relate to in our dreams. The story is fresh and imaginative and I can't wait to see what happens to the Emperor in the next book. Did I mention dragons? There are dragons! Truly a fairytale world come to life.”

“There are many world[s] to discover in the fantasy genre. Many are typical that give the reader more of what they seek within fantasy's realms. This author tosses aside the typical worlds in the genre and weaves an intricate story in a world between worlds. It is a blend of what the mind may hold in a world filled with dreams and is still leashed to the modern world. IE Castellano has given me a world I could not have imagined and pulled me deep into her world. Well done.”

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