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Favorite Lines

As my hand glides ink across the blank, white page, some of my favorite lines are penned into existence. Every time I read them, they give me the same emotional response as when I first wrote them. Over the next few posts, I will share them with you. From Bow of the Moon , the latest in my epic fantasy series, the World In-between : As they drove into the city, Declan tried to look up with his head plastered onto the door window. The old adage of forgive and forget became a trudge through quicksand on a beach as high tide crashed onto the shore. “That Scholar fed me lies and I devoured them like a starving man.” The people in the pub lived their lives mostly on the insides of a tankard. “With wisdom comes responsibility. Somewhere along the way, I misplaced both.” A large serpentine yellow Dragon curled herself around the rocks the way a small child would cling to a stuffed animal or security blanket for safety. All he could smell was a uniform, musty dampness. He