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The World In-between Series (Fantasy)
The portal fantasy series chronicles the adventures of Berty Chase—a modern man who discovers he belongs in the magical world, then both his worlds collide as he fights for everyone and everything he loves.
Book 1: The World In-between – Berty joins the battle for magic and changes his life forever Book 2: The Bow of the Moon – To stop a covert society from finding a long lost magical item, Berty must find it first and hold on to it Book 3: The Secrets of the Sages – As magical secrets threaten to unravel the Empire, Berty’s magical and mundane worlds collide Book 4: Whispers – Berty scrambles to find a way to save the Empire Book 5: Hope – Berty’s niece defends her place in the magical world Book 6: Coming Soon
Companion Story: The Dragonlands – The history of the Dragons Companion Story: Yuletide Magic – Before Berty entered the portal, a young girl made a wish

Where Pirates Go to Die (Space Opera)
Notorious pirate Naria breaks out of a high secu…

Writing with Carpal Tunnel

I’m excited to announce that a first draft is almost complete. And, it’s all because I returned to handwriting my manuscript. There was a point where I couldn’t hold a pen. The doctor confirmed my suspicion: Carpal Tunnel. 
I started writing seriously (as in, hey, I’m going to write a book) in roughly 2005. I wrote with pencil on lined paper. That’s what I had at the time. Then, I transitioned to pen and blank computer paper because ink is easier to see than graphite. 
At first, I wrote rather large with decent spacing between each line. Then, my writing got smaller. Words crowded the page. Pens sacrificed their ink quickly. I started using whatever pen I had in arm’s reach. Sometimes, those pens were cheap stick pens. They cramped my hand. 
Until late 2016, I wrote prolifically. Novels, short stories, flash fiction, articles for others. With the exception of these blog posts, all those were handwritten first. 
All that handwriting caught up to me. Pain and numbness. I had…

7 Things to Do While Social Distancing

Many of us in the US are going into our second week of quarantine / social distancing.  Places we normally go aren’t open.  And you can only binge so much streaming movies and tv.  What else is there to do?  As someone who normally spends her time socially distancing, I have a few suggestions.

1.Read Books

Of course, this will be my number one.  My local library, although physically closed, still has their online lending of ebooks available.  Check your local library system for similar programs.

Baen Books has a free library.

Smashwords is offering discounts on ebooks via their Author Gives Back program.

And, all my ebooks are free on Smashwords through 30 April 2020.  Use coupon code NK58T

2.Play Video Games

Use this time to start a new game or finish old games.  Spend countless hours on games like Skyrim doing favor quests so you can become Thane of each hold or picking every ingredient to make a potion you won’t use.  I’m partial to Borderlands 3 where I can shoot countless baddie…

That Numb Feeling All Over Again

I lost my father last week to a cascade of medical complications over the past four months.  I feel as though I’ve just gotten off a too fast, yet too long roller coaster—wobbly, shaken on the inside, and numb.
My daddy had this way about him.  Gentle, good, and kind.  He relished the little things like ricotta nestled in his plate of rigatoni, a dog wanting petting from him, or sitting on the porch during the rain.
We would talk about stuff, big plans, little plans, it didn’t matter.  He made it all feel important and gave his advice.  We’d cook together, clean together, do projects together.  My husband and I would take him to local festivals and shops and wherever.  We enjoyed his enjoyment—his celebration of life.
He instilled that same celebration of the important things in me.  I know that when I take the time to savor a type of candy we both favored that a part of him will survive and be with me.  Right now, I miss the corporal—the smiles, the singing, the conversations.

A Decade in Review

The turn of the millennium feels like it was only yesterday. Soon, the ‘20s will be roaring. Before the decade ends, let’s see from where we’ve come.
My first book, The World In-between, debuted in 2011. At my writers’ group the other night, I was talking about reading books and wondering how someone can write something complex and interesting. Then, I wrote the 125,000 word epic fantasy series beginning with its multiple plot threads and array of characters in a magical setting connected to the mundane world.
So far, the series has five books: The World In-between, Bow of the Moon, Secrets of the Sages, Whispers, and Hope. And, I am currently writing the sixth.
In-between writing the series, I’ve also written two stand alone science fiction novels, Tricentennial and Where Pirates Go to Die. The former being a dystopia whose secrets tear apart a family that struggles to find themselves and each other. The latter is space opera where pirate outlaws lead a chase across the galaxy…

October Flash Fiction

It's that time of year where I write a Halloween themed flash fiction that gets displayed in my local library.  Enjoy!

Slow Burn
IE Castellano

The convergence has begun, Mister Rank Ore. All is prepared. Come. I’d be honored if you joined me for the ritual. I have kept the hairs pristine and in their original condition. Even added one from that harpy shrieking on her phone who cut in front of me in the checkout lane the other day. Yes, of course, I know I complained your ear off all about her already. Oh, you remember that neighbor of ours a few years ago? The one who couldn’t be bothered to keep her ratty mutt out of our rose bushes. Well, I have her hair here. Too bad that mongrel predeceased her. Anyway, Mister Rank Ore, this one is from that man who constantly clucked his tongue through four consecutive bus stops. Yes, it was quite annoying. Not to mention the he ignored my irate stare. This dark hair here is long before your time, Mister Rank Ore. When I was a young girl…

Keep Going

It has been almost a year since I last typed the sixth book of my fantasy series.  Before the last day of July, that is.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I write my first drafts on pen and paper, then type it.  I started typing it again.  Getting to this point has been a struggle.
Rewind to November of 2016.  Hope, The World In-between book 5, released.  I already began writing book 6 as soon as I penned the final word of 5.  That’s how I work.  I write and type simultaneously, even the same book.  The exact day my book released, my mom was admitted to the hospital.
I would take my writing to the hospital.  Sometimes, I’d get pages done, but mostly nothing.
After my mom’s death, I kept writing although not as much.  I lost the connection to my characters.  No amount of pen ramble would bring that back.  Writing another genre helped.
I put my fantasy series aside.  I hoped that someday I would come back to it.  I needed to finish the book, if not the series.  I couldn’t.  Magic flut…