Friday, August 29, 2014

Moon Shadows Rising

Moon Shadows Halloween Anthology by Laurel Highlands Publishing

Seventeen stories touch the unknown, the unseen, and the undead. Visit what we avoid. Step into the shadows of the moon.

My short story, the Hunt, is one of seventeen stories chosen for Moon Shadows, a Halloween themed anthology, published by +Laurel Highlands Publishing.

Loosely based on the Wild Hunt of European folklore, the Hunt tells the story of one ghost Hunter's destiny.

The ebook is available for pre-order at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Poetry Wednesday 20 Aug 2014


The screech of car tires
quick turn of wheel
still hitting a little form
that broke upon the steel
and lay in a small bundle
staining the road red ...
"I her too late,"
was all the drunk driver said.

Another drink for the road
was too many that day
a small precious child
would never again play;
for the parents - no answers
only these words instead ...
"I her too late,"
was all the drunk driver said.

By: Dale Sahlberg

For visually impaired: