Thursday, May 15, 2014

Upcoming Projects

After launching Secrets of the Sages, I have no time to rest on my laurels.  Not wanting a big celebration or party, I simply pick up my pen and keep writing.

Four books are all at different stages of completion.  First, I am writing Whispers, the fourth book of the World In-between series.  It begins a couple of weeks after Secrets of the Sages ends.  Escalating war leads to a high body count and to happy occasions being crashed. 

Second, I can see the end of my space opera, Where Pirates Go to Die.  Think of it as kinda like Firefly meets Pirates of the Caribbean.  It includes some interesting characters, cat and mouse chase scenes, robots (including androids), and high tech thievery.

Third, I am thoroughly researching a contemporary fantasy.  And by thoroughly, I mean I read and take notes until my eyes pop out and become bloodshot.  Quite fun.  I am getting some great fodder for continuing the scene that I had to leave hanging because I needed to do research.  I like my fiction to hinge on something either believable or common knowledge, like a myth or fairy tale.

Fourth, I have my non-speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi) detective story.  Yes, it is a departure for me.  And yes, I tend to write this story more slowly than the others.  Right now, I have my former homicide detective, who happens to hate the sight of dead bodies, investigating a missing person case turned serial killing case.  Her new job as a private eye has her reluctantly working with the FBI.  One of the agents is incredibly handsome, which could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Secret Lasts Forever

Secrets of the Sages by IE Castellano

The magical adventure continues… Book three of the World In-between series.

Since first stepping through the portal, Berty has always found the Empire mysterious—full of secrets awaiting discovery. Revealing secrets comes with a price, especially magical secrets. His world begins to unravel. Unless Berty exposes the ancient magical secrets the Seven High Sages concealed from history, he could lose everything and everyone he loves.

Secrets of the Sages, book 3 of the epic fantasy the World In-between series is now available.