Sunday, February 14, 2016

For the Love of Reading

Love is in the air and the love of books and reading is no exception.

Laurel Highlands Publishing reduced prices on all their ebooks for the entire month of February.  This love of reading promotion includes my novels and books with my short stories.

As the temperatures drop, curling up with an e-reader or phone under a blanket is time well spent cozy and warm.  Discover some place new to love in one of my books at prices everyone can love.

The World In-between Series:
The Dragonlands

This short story prequel takes us back to the creation of the Empire during the Age of Dragons.  Learn how the Dragons escaped this world to live in the world in-between the portals.

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The World In-between

Book 1 introduces Berty Chase, a newspaper reporter on the verge of nothing special until he meets Silvia.  She brings him into her world—one full of magic and those who wish to harness that magic.


Bow of the Moon

Book 2 delves deeper into the world Berty discovered, visiting places beyond the Sages’ Grove.  While trying to heal the open assault on the Empire, he searches for the legendary weapon that can give the Empire’s enemies a great advantage—a magical bow whose arrows cannot miss—the Bow of the Moon.

Secrets of the Sages

Book 3 unravels the secrets of the Empire.  Secrets that will be used against the Empire.  Unless Berty exposes these secrets, the world he has come to love in-between the portals could be lost forever.


Book 4 reveals the ugliness of war and men.  To bring peace, Berty must fight with a sword rather than his pen.  The anti-imperialists invade every hill and dale in the Empire, working towards a source of immense magic—the Scepter within the Empire Tree.  Fluid loyalties threaten to destroy the fragile threads of the Empire’s only defense.  Fraying the threads are Whispers—unseen and unheard, except by the Whisperer.

Yuletide Magic

A short story about Silvia as a girl invoking the ancient magic of Yule.

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The World In-between 3 Book Box Set

Get the first 3 books of the series together: The World In-between, Bow of the Moon, and Secrets of the Sages.

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Other Novels:

Where Pirates Go to Die

The first in the Space Pirates Series transports us to interplanetary space in a time where humans abandoned Earth, a home to which they could never return, and terraformed new homes across the Milky Way Galaxy.  Naria, a Pirate whose ruthless reputation runs rampant in every dark corner and every space hub, has a laser to thrust up the final frontiers of the Dignitaries of Milky Way Circle.  She begins a cat and mouse chase across the Galaxy, which may end where Pirates go to die.


2075 CE or 20 NE: Enter a post-pandemic United States where survivors huddle in protected pod cities while nature reclaims the land around them.  Or, at least, that is the picture life in Pod City One-five paints for siblings Xavier and Nikki Kelton.  When their parents die within a week of each other, Nikki insists their father left them instructions.  Xavier, although unconvinced, follows his sister through the feared wilderness.  Together, they discover lies, corruption, and hope for a better future.

Short Stories in Anthologies:
All That Lies

Gunshots ruin a celebratory dinner.  Reluctantly leaving her bleeding husband on the kitchen floor, Lacy races to the safe room.  When she emerges, she must untangle the lies woven within her life.

Sector Three-Three

On Thelta, a planet far, far away, Vace Fantam dreams of a new life in space—if she can get there.  Her first attempt failed.  Only a few more days working for the kreel wells will give her enough money for a one-way ticket to the space station.  However, an anomaly in her sector during her watch threatens not only her second attempt but all life on Thelta.

Across the Karman Line: $2.99  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, GooglePlay, Smashwords

The Hunt

The Notkyn are a race of people who live in the shadows.  As Ghost Hunters, they keep the balance of between the beings of this world and the next.  When the balance tips, only newly chosen Hunter, Teeg, can stop the Hunters from being hunted.