Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 30 May 12

After A Long Sleepless Night

After a long sleepless night...
I watch the sunrise through the trees,
The music of the early morning pounds in my head,
Windows illuminate like spotlights on stage.

The clock ticks away yet another minute...
I throb from head to toe and back again,
Knowing the drudge that lies ahead,
And that damn bug that buzzes in my ear.

Orange to yellow to white to blue...
Hunger growls inside me,
Searching the house for satisfaction,
Flashing of what was done before.

Sunrays peek around to spy...
Silent emptiness of this place,
Somewhere off in the distance a motor runs,
I wander aimlessly from my bed.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 23 May 12

New World Order

Walking along        walking alone       i roam
this world full of...
lonely hearts       wandering spirits       i join

No one understands
Takes us by the hand

Depressed comics      violent pacifists    they roam
my dreams at night...
When will it all       be all right?       they join

No one understands
Takes me by the hand

I wanna i got here?
I wanna know...what now is fear?
I wanna know...can you show me?
I wanna know...why can't i see?

Where no one understands
Takes the mighty man


Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing Workshop – Finished Yet?

So, you’ve just written the last word of the last line of your newest novel. Now what? Do you send it out to agents and publishers? Do you go the indie route?

Neither. Writing the novel is only part of the work. Now, it is editing time. Sure, you can send your work to have it edited professionally. But, you should never send your novel anywhere until you have had the first edit.

Editing goes deeper than just reading for typos. Sure, cleaning up those typos is important. But just as important, if not more so, is checking your sentence structure, reading for flow, and making sure that you have been consistent from beginning to end.

Sentence structure sets the tone of your novel. Ideally, your sentences should be of varied length and syntax throughout a paragraph. I am not one to stick to rules. Playing with your sentences can help move the story along. You don’t want long sentences entangling the reader during a fast action scene. Short sentences and paragraphs will help the eye catch every word. I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading an exciting scene, my eyes move much more quickly down the page.

Length of sentences is closely related to syntax. Syntax is simply the order in which words are placed. More broadly, we can use clauses before, in the middle, or at the end of the main part of our sentences. Clauses usually begin with prepositions (making it a prepositional phrase) or chronological determiners such as when, before, after, then, once, and while. These too should be changed from sentence to sentence so the reader doesn’t get bored whilst reading no matter how intriguing the scene.

Reading for flow is almost self-explanatory. Sometimes when you were writing, part x made sense but, when it read it through, you realize that part x needs a little more or a little less. The reader shouldn’t wonder why something feels disconnected.

Consistency is both the easiest to want to fix and the hardest to do. I find myself having to write down character descriptions so I don’t unknowingly change the color of the hair or eyes. Before I do my first read through, I also write down what I want to have capitalized and what the spelling should be of words I create.

More than just mere words or descriptions, consistency pertains to a character’s character as well. So many times in books, tv shows or movies, a character will do something out of character. It seems that in order to progress a story, y must happen. The creator has one of the established characters do or say y. When the character shouldn’t be the one to do or say y, it comes off as odd. Easy plot fixes are very transparent. Perhaps y can happen a different way. To be consistent, either y or the character must change.

Once all of those have been addressed, then you can give it to someone else to do a second edit. That can be a professional editor, a proofreader or a beta reader. Often, we read what we want to be there instead of what is written on the page. The extra pair or pairs of eyes can help with typos and inconsistencies that you missed as well as address any areas that are confusing or need to be expounded.

After you feel that the manuscript has been polished, then you can consider publishing options. Editing is a close friend, not an enemy. Giving editing the time it deserves in your writing regimen, it can ascend your work to new heights of greatness.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Discover the Dark Side of Utopia

Dystopian Science Fiction

Twenty years into the New Era, Xavier Kelton lives in a carefree world until his father uncovers a problem in commonly used nanotechnology. Without warning, his world crumbles. Trying to keep his family together, Xavier inadvertently starts another American Revolution.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 9 May 12

From The World In-between by IE Castellano

Pixie Priestess’ Prophecy

Empress watches over all
High in the Empire Tree
Finding the time ‘fore will fall
Watcher watches over thee

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Also in paperback

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 2 May 12

From "Tapestry" by Solitaire Parke
available at Barnes & Noble

THE FACE OF LOVE by Solitaire Parke

She sits amid the cushioned chairs
And quietly reflects on life
Her heart still beats, her breast still clings
To thoughts of love and what it brings
But nightly as she waits it drifts
To darkened fields and blackened cliffs
And stains the love she feels with inner strife.

She glances at her hands still clasped
And sees the years within the lines
Her mind still yearns, her heart still feels
The memories that make her real
But like the empty bottles there
Her life is but a hollow stare
And cries to have her deepest love defined.

She reaches for the mirror's touch
But finds the glass has fingers cold
Her heart can reach through space and time
To touch the soul she wants to find
And feel the warmth she's grown to miss
The breath of life, a gentle kiss
And tears that fall from love she's often told.

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