Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 2 May 12

From "Tapestry" by Solitaire Parke
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THE FACE OF LOVE by Solitaire Parke

She sits amid the cushioned chairs
And quietly reflects on life
Her heart still beats, her breast still clings
To thoughts of love and what it brings
But nightly as she waits it drifts
To darkened fields and blackened cliffs
And stains the love she feels with inner strife.

She glances at her hands still clasped
And sees the years within the lines
Her mind still yearns, her heart still feels
The memories that make her real
But like the empty bottles there
Her life is but a hollow stare
And cries to have her deepest love defined.

She reaches for the mirror's touch
But finds the glass has fingers cold
Her heart can reach through space and time
To touch the soul she wants to find
And feel the warmth she's grown to miss
The breath of life, a gentle kiss
And tears that fall from love she's often told.

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