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A View from My Window on a Spring Afternoon

Through the clouds, sunlight dances on the mountains. Shadows camouflage the brown while the new green growth sparkles. Spring is proof that any dark doldrums can be overcome.

Poetry Wednesday 25 April 12

CONSPIRACY IN PINK Plaster casts of Bigfoot tracks Your excited laugh Nevada State Route Three Seven Five Gas tank’s down to half Picnic on the grassy knoll Sixth floor windowsill Your wild eyes while you dispute Oswald’s shooting skill You pout and sulk At Arizona’s hulk But you’re angry too Cause Roosevelt knew

Poetry Wednesday 18 April 12

Willoughby by Abhay Adil In the journey of life A man searching for light In the coldness of the world And emptiness of the heart Is there any place with goodness and grace? Where one can break free A place where a man can be what he wants to be A place high above in heaven After the long journey of life A man can slow down for a peaceful rest Searching and searching all his life Can’t find a simple spot for rest Living in the chest of broken glass And all the hope is lost He finally found a place to rest The salience he got at last Away from the dreadful voices From whom he wanted to depart Love that he never got Delight he never saw Unappreciated and deceived Is what he feels The darkness filled his dreams Crushing his heart and making him scream He left this place and walked of the ledge Towards the shinning place with happy face To finally find his place On a stop called Willoughby Willoughby a poem by Abhay Adil Inspired from "The Twilight Zone” episode

The Garden Chronicles: In the beginning

Food from your own garden always tastes better than anything bought in the supermarket. Sometimes that’s because of growing a different varietal. Most times it is because food from your garden gets picked at the height of ripeness. Planning your garden should be done well ahead of the ideal time to plant. In preparation for this year’s garden, we made lists of what plants we wanted to grow. Of those plants, we’ve decided which ones were going to grow from seed and which were going to transplant from nursery flats. Over the last month or so, different stores have been having sales on seed packets. Collecting seed packets are a fun first step to building this season’s garden. Earlier this month, Home Depot had a buy one get one half off sale on herbs and veggies. Even though we cannot plant much yet, we also could not pass up a sale on our favorite garden plants. We bought 20 plants from our local Home Depot. Those collection of plants include a variety of herbs, a f

This Wednesday's Poem -- 11 April 12

Beauty is revolting in a superficial way. Attraction is deceptive when it isn't meant to stay. The game of love's suspense is one I never wish to play ==>Again<== A philocalist sees beauty most clearly when he keeps his eyes closed. By: paradox

Pantry Pasta Perfection: Tuna Noodle No Casserole

A week or two ago I was in the middle of spring cleaning which really means spring re-organization. Just about every surface was covered with something. My stomach was rumbling and I wondered what was for dinner. Takeout does not satisfy the way a home cooked meal does. Why not pull from the pantry? I was spring cleaning after all. Digging in the pantry I gathered, two cans of tuna, a can of anchovies, a can of string beans, a can of condensed mushroom soup, and two 13.25 oz boxes of whole wheat spaghetti. First, I filled my pasta pot (with insert) with water and turned on the flame. While that heated, I got out my trusty 7 quart dutch oven. Into the pan, I dumped the entire small can of anchovies plus the packing oil. The tuna was drained before it made it to the pan. I added a touch more olive oil to help sauté the fish. The very thought of canned anchovies may repulse some of you. For you food snobs out there, the canned product I buy is very nice with wide, firm fillets.

This Wednesday's Poem - 4 April 12

Spring days, spring nights… Hear the wind course as birds take flight… The morning a time for growing pains, The night a time for laughing dreams. The soul a wondrous creature, How it gazes out upon the land, Wishing for hope, for dreams For midnight moonbeams… Spring days, spring nights… Watch for the caterpillar or the worm Those the birds peck and feed upon-- More lovely their dying, serving part. by Mark Alan Murray MARK ALAN MURRAY works, composes and creates in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.