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A Writer’s Irony

Currently, I am working on four novels. Each is at a different stage of completion. Everyday, I am writing scenes, developing characters, or working out plot points. Yet somehow, when it comes to writing a blog post or on a forum, nothing comes. People keep telling me to go on Twitter. Although I am considering joining, I am not sure what messages I would convey within 140 characters. And, I wonder if I would have the time to keep up with the world’s tweets. My priority is to write my stories. They require nurturing until they can be released into the world. Everything I read about being an author tells me that I need to be out there, shouting to the world to notice my work; pick it up; peruse it. However, does an author risk having one’s work suffer from neglect because our internet society expects us to be connected at every waking moment? I would hope that readers would respect me more because I chose to write a novel in which they get immersed into the world I created for th

Magic of A Snowy Morn

Pink kisses the clouds’ bellies before the sun peeks over the mountains. Smoke rising from chimneys is the only life against dormant trees. A second story window overlooks the eastern part of town. The gentle hug of snow on rooftops transports me to a time found only in artists’ renditions.