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Celebrating Tricentennial

My latest novel is officially here! Tricentennial is a dystopian science-fiction adventure. Government cover-ups, a secret ruling society, environmentally friendly Pod Cities, powerless fringe settlements, and control over nanotechnology weave throughout Tricentennial . Take a peek 60 plus years into our future uncovering what lurks behind the utopian veil of Pod City one-five. Find Tricentennial in both ebook and perfect bound paperback at Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Kobo , iTunes , and Smashwords .

American Independence Day

My small town does the Independence Day celebrations on the evening before. Watching the fireworks from my house chokes me up every year. The fact that a small town of barely 5000 can make sure that we celebrate the country’s birthday is great. We could always go to the nearest “big city” – the county seat – or into downtown “metropolitania” for our fireworks. But, no, we celebrate as a community – the way it is supposed to be. That’s how our country was formed. Communities, big and small, came together to fight oppression. Now, communities come together to celebrate our freedom from that oppression. When I watch the bombs bursting in the air, I don’t think about my ancestors (descendants of English pilgrims) who fought in the War for Independence. I don’t think about how generations of immigrants came to this country in search of a better life. Nor do I think about how the governmental model for the United States laid the background for other countries after their revolutions