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How Do You Choose?

Recently, I was asked which one of my books is my favorite.  With the upcoming release of Where Pirates Go to Die , I have seven titles—plenty from which to choose.  My easy answer:  how can I? The World In-between series is my baby.  With three novels and a short published, I am waist high into this epic portal fantasy.  Each book adds layers of complexity and a few new characters.  When I was talking about the series, someone asked why I wrote a male protagonist as a female author.  I told him it suited the story.  He looked at me strange.  The male main character tells the story from his point of view.  But is it his story or another’s?  Perhaps by book six, all will be revealed. After writing Tricentennial , the avenue to science fiction opened before me.  I enjoyed the straightforward story line and the faster pace.  Laurel Highlands Publishing is releasing the second edition by the end of the year. The Hunt (in Moon Shadows ) was my first short story

Nitroboosting in ... Three ... Two ... One

My space opera, Where Pirates Go to Die , has a cover and a release date of 12 Nov. The elusive and calculating Pirate known as Naria escapes from Torquor Prison, throwing the Galaxy into a panic.   Dignitaries of the Milky Way Circle employ any means necessary to recover what Naria stole.   After the pursuit across the Galaxy, will justice finally be served? Countdown to launch T minus 27 days. The ebook can be preordered at Amazon , Google Play , Kobo , Apple , and Barnes & Noble .

Moon Shadows Book Signing News Clipping

From the Mount Pleasant Journal  October 9, 2014  I'm on the far right.  :)  Last Wednesday's book signing at the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market was a sunny success.  I had a great time meeting everyone who came. Moon Shadows is available at your favorite retailer.   Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Apple , Kobo , Google Play , and Smashwords .