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A Decade in Review

The turn of the millennium feels like it was only yesterday. Soon, the ‘20s will be roaring. Before the decade ends, let’s see from where we’ve come. My first book, The World In-between, debuted in 2011. At my writers’ group the other night, I was talking about reading books and wondering how someone can write something complex and interesting. Then, I wrote the 125,000 word epic fantasy series beginning with its multiple plot threads and array of characters in a magical setting connected to the mundane world. So far, the series has five books: The World In-between, Bow of the Moon, Secrets of the Sages, Whispers, and Hope. And, I am currently writing the sixth. In-between writing the series, I’ve also written two stand alone science fiction novels, Tricentennial and Where Pirates Go to Die. The former being a dystopia whose secrets tear apart a family that struggles to find themselves and each other. The latter is space opera where pirate outlaws lea