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The World In-between Series

The World In-between

Unknowingly selected to cross through a hidden portal, Berty Chase discovers a magical world from where lore, legends and fairy tales stem. Falling in love, he could not imagine his life without the incredible world he was chosen to find. Caught in the middle of the battle for magic, Berty is forced to decide what to save and what to leave behind. 

Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic/Contemporary
Word Count: 125,000
Pages: 390
Copyright date: 2011

The World In-between
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Bow of the Moon

Trying to restore order in the Empire leaves Berty in need of further knowledge.  Although the battle was stayed, a war brews.  The enemy have strides ahead of them.  Searching for one legendary weapon, Berty discovers that they need another to be able to win the war.  As the open assault on the Empire begins, he races to save the legendary Bow of the Moon and its bearer.

Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic/Contemporary
Word Count: 80,000
Pages: 274
Copyright date: 2012

Bow of the Moon
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Secrets of the Sages

Since first stepping through the portal, Berty has always found the Empire mysterious—full of secrets awaiting discovery. Revealing secrets comes with a price, especially magical secrets. His world begins to unravel. Unless Berty exposes the ancient magical secrets the Seven High Sages concealed from history, he could lose everything and everyone he loves.

Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic/Contemporary
Word Count: 100,000
Pages: 369
Copyright date: 2014

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At one time, Whispers protected magic.  But now, Whispers exploit magic.

Battles rage.  Towns and farmland burn.  The Empire Guard cannot defend it all.  The anti-imperialists continue their invasion across the Land of Sages.  At every turn, they seem to have the advantage.  The only defense is an Empire united.  However, fluid loyalties threaten to destroy the fragile threads that hold the peoples together.  To save the lives of all who call the world in-between the portals home, Berty seeks a way to stop the Whispers.

Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic/Contemporary
Word Count: 94,000
Pages: 371
Copyright date: 2015

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When she first crossed the portal ten years ago, Hope learned to straddle two worlds—the mundane modern world and the magical world in-between the portals.  As the only Wood Listener in centuries, she struggles to find her place in life.  Unbeknownst to her uncle, her parents, and her innocent friend trailing her, Hope stoles into the magical side only to find her place fraught with danger.

Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic/Contemporary
Word Count: 83,000
Pages: 324
Copyright date: 2016

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Stand Alone Novels

Where Pirates Go to Die

One ship, a small band of Pirates, and an entire Galaxy in pursuit

Naria’s ship is her home.  Its crew her family.  And to keep the engines running, she pirates.  Her last score drew the attention of the Galaxy Circle.  Staying one step ahead of the Galaxy means venturing where Pirates go to die.

Genre:  Science Fiction
Sub Genre: Space Opera
Word Count:  32,000
Pages: 170
Copyright Date: 2014

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Twenty years into the New Era, the survivors of environmental collapse live in secure pod cities, working for the collective good. Two newly orphaned teenagers discover a confidential aspect of commonly used nanotechnology. Chipping away the utopian veneer, they find corruption, lies, and high-level cover-ups. Together, Xavier and Nickie Kelton, while trying to keep what is left of their family together, inadvertently start another American Revolution.

Genre:  Science Fiction/Young Adult
Sub Genre:  Dystopian
Word Count: 60,000
Pages: 218
Copyright date:  2012

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