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October Flash Fiction

It's that time of year where I write a Halloween themed flash fiction that gets displayed in my local library.  Enjoy! Slow Burn IE Castellano The convergence has begun, Mister Rank Ore. All is prepared. Come. I’d be honored if you joined me for the ritual. I have kept the hairs pristine and in their original condition. Even added one from that harpy shrieking on her phone who cut in front of me in the checkout lane the other day. Yes, of course, I know I complained your ear off all about her already. Oh, you remember that neighbor of ours a few years ago? The one who couldn’t be bothered to keep her ratty mutt out of our rose bushes. Well, I have her hair here. Too bad that mongrel predeceased her. Anyway, Mister Rank Ore, this one is from that man who constantly clucked his tongue through four consecutive bus stops. Yes, it was quite annoying. Not to mention the he ignored my irate stare. This dark hair here is long before your time, M