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Bow of the Moon Hits Its Target

The exciting sequel to the World In-between is now available. Bow of the Moon takes you on a journey through the Empire submerging you into forgotten myths and legends. Trek beyond the ends of the known world. Face creatures men have learned to fear. Protect secrets that could unravel everything. Most legendary weapons have been lost to the ages. Although their true power is long forgotten, their memory makes some risk everything to procure them. One such weapon is hidden in plain sight. When ignorance melts away, the weapon that has saved the Empire on numerous occasions becomes a target. Can the weapon’s steward keep it a secret before it falls into the wrong hands? Bow of the Moon is available in perfect bound paperback only on Amazon . The ebook is available for Kindle , Nook and Kobo , and on Smashwords , Diesel eBooks and Make Your Offer . Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!


The Bow of the Moon proof arrived yesterday. It looks fantastic! The back shows a rendition of a Watcher’s Locket—so prevalent in this book. Although this is my third published book, I always seem to tweak it after I go through it with my pencil. This time, I decided to include a picture (watermark) of the bow on the title page. My tweaks were minor. I only repositioned a few items. The 6x9 paperback is 252 pages, filling 21 chapters. Bow of the Moon will be available soon in print and for Kindle.  The ebook is already available on Nook , Smashwords , Diesel eBookstore , Make Your Offer , and Kobo .