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Fantasy and Science Fiction Author IE Castellano

The World In-between Series (Fantasy) The portal fantasy series chronicles the adventures of Berty Chase—a modern man who discovers he belongs in the magical world, then both his worlds collide as he fights for everyone and everything he loves. Book 1: The World In-between – Berty joins the battle for magic and changes his life forever Book 2: The Bow of the Moon – To stop a covert society from finding a long lost magical item, Berty must find it first and hold on to it Book 3: The Secrets of the Sages – As magical secrets threaten to unravel the Empire, Berty’s magical and mundane worlds collide Book 4: Whispers – Berty scrambles to find a way to save the Empire Book 5: Hope – Berty’s niece defends her place in the magical world Book 6: Coming Soon Companion Story: The Dragonlands – The history of the Dragons Companion Story: Yuletide Magic – Before Berty entered the portal, a young girl made a wish Where Pirates Go to Die (Space Opera)