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New Year Updates

Book 6 of The World In-between fantasy series, currently titled Dreamweaver, nears its close.   Yes, I’m still working on the first draft.   This book proved difficult to write for me.   I’ll go into my trials in a later post.   At the time of this posting, the heroes approach the final battle.   Book 7 knocks on the door, whispering consequences of the happenings in Book 6. A blog redesign is in the planning stages.   I want something a little cleaner, so I’m slogging through scads of templates for one that speaks to me.   The finished product may take a while to emerge. Since Google Plus shutters April 2, I have migrated my social media home to MeWe .   I will not accept friend or chat requests from people I do know or with whom I have not interacted online.   My writing posts will be public. Here’s to a great 2019!