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7 Things to Do While Social Distancing

Cats don't understand how distancing works Many of us in the US are going into our second week of quarantine / social distancing.  Places we normally go aren’t open.  And you can only binge so much streaming movies and tv.  What else is there to do?  As someone who normally spends her time socially distancing, I have a few suggestions. 1. Read Books Of course, this will be my number one.  My local library, although physically closed, still has their online lending of ebooks available.  Check your local library system for similar programs. Baen Books has a free library . Smashwords is offering discounts on ebooks via their Author Gives Back program. And, all my ebooks are free on Smashwords through 30 April 2020.  Use coupon code NK58T 2. Play Video Games Use this time to start a new game or finish old games.  Spend countless hours on games like Skyrim doing favor quests so you can become Thane of each hold or picking every ingredient to make a potion y