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Darn That Research

I began writing a short story for this anthology .   Not too far into the story, which tends to happen, I need to do some research.   Mind you, this is a Halloween themed anthology.   Naturally, I am penning a ghost story.   Before the plot gets too “technical,” I decided to research ghosts. Now, when I research, I do research.   I take a subject and attack it from all angles.   This approach leads me to reading—a lot.   I even take notes.   Most of what I read does not make it into the finished product.   However, it helps my mind wrap around what I am creating.   I have also found that the tiny details make a subject interesting.   Sometimes, it takes many a long hour to reach those interesting tidbits. For this story (still nameless), I dove into the subject of ghosts.   History of ghosts.   Ghost hunting.   Hauntings.   Sightings.   Et cetera.   After flicking through photo galleries of supposed ghosts, I had to stop.   I am sure most of them were faked in one way or

Unravelings -- Secrets of the Sages

Secrets of the Sages is coming! Below is an excerpt from the 3rd book of the World In-between epic fantasy series.      “Your Highness, wake up!” said a man’s voice. “Telor!”      Opening his eyes, the Fairy Prince gazed at his intruder. The man wore the shimmering periwinkle armor of the Fairy Guards. “Colonel Gwron, what is it?” Telor asked.      “Fairyland is being attacked,” said Gwron.      Telor jumped out of bed. Rushing towards the window, he saw his colorful city aflame. “What are our options?” he asked.      “I do not know, Your Highness,” replied Gwron. “They are using magic and beasts no one has ever seen.”      “It’s like Delyth said.” Telor began getting dressed. “Colonel,” a glow outside his window caught his eye. He watched as a green dome crept across the sky. “They’re trapping us here. Evacuate as many as possible. Barricade the castle.”      “What about you, Your Highness?”      “My duties lie elsewhere. Anyone who cannot escape retre