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More Newness

In March, I posted that I began working on a detective novel.   This is something that I have been working on everyday with the exception of the end of April when I got this terrible cold and watched four Marvel movies in one Sudafed-hazed day. Actually, I mentioned this book eons ago, but I pushed it aside to write my fantasy series.   The fantasy series… let’s just say it’s on hiatus.   Writing a completely non-magical story is helping.   Helping me untwine my mother’s death and my fantasy series that have wrapped themselves together in my mind. To further distance the fantasy and the mystery, I’ve decided to use a new pen name for the mystery. Irene Castle Irene is my first name and Castle is derived from Castellano, which means “castle man” in Italian. This new pen name has a Facebook account .   My very first (and only) Facebook account.   I post stuff about writing, funny things, cute things (mostly cats), and other stuff I’m doing.   Basically, the type of