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Building Character

I live in a house built over 100 years ago.   The house has charm and 100 plus year old cast iron drain pipes.   Although previous occupants improved and changed and modernized, projects cannot be evaded.   And some projects that you thought were finished need to be revamped. Case in point, the powder room under the staircase.   New floor, paint, sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, faucet, hardware, and toilet installed years ago.   However, the toilet leaked into the basement.   We concluded that the wax seal failed.   So, after gathering all the necessary tools and parts, we removed the toilet only to find that the wax seal wasn’t the problem. The original to the house cast iron closet flange had partially disengaged, unsecuring the toilet to the floor and drain pipe.   A new flange was not something we prepared to replace.   For days, the toilet loitered in the hall, the bathroom door was kept closed, while we scoured the internet for ideas about how to fix it.   Finally, w