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You can’t write an epic fantasy series without having a sense of history.  The histories and other backgrounds are not always explored in the main books.  Thank goodness for companion stories. The Dragonlands is a World In-between Series companion story that tells the story of how the Dragonlands came to be filled with Dragons. The short story provides a background for events in Book 1 ( The World In-between ) of the series and converges with Book 4 ( Whispers ), which will be released later this year. The Dragonlands includes a bonus sneak peek of Whispers (The World In-between Book 4) and an overview of the series as a whole with glimpses of Books 5 and 6 of the series. Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Kobo , Apple , GooglePlay , Oyster , Scribd , Smashwords

Friday Night Reads – Secrets of the Sages Edition

An excerpt from Secrets of the Sages Book 3 of the World In-between Series for #FridayNightReads A little set-up and background: The World In-between Series is a portal fantasy.  Portals connect the modern, mundane world to a magical one.  Most have no idea the portals exist.  Modern-day man, Berty Chase, lives a secret life in the magical world.  Only his six-year-old niece, Hope, knows.  However, his worlds are about to collide and not in the way Berty would have liked. Hope spent the summer with her uncle Berty in the Land of Sages and it is time for her to go home to her life in the modern world. * At dinner, Hope ate quietly.  Her melancholic mood troubled Berty.  When she caught him staring, she asked, “Do I have to go back to school?” “Yes, you do.” She pushed food around with her fork.  “I hate school,” she muttered. “I’m sure your mom and dad will let you come back some weekends,” he said trying to lift her spirits. “I know,” she said.  “I just did