Short Stories

Sector Three-Three

Vace has a dream—to get to space.  At the moment, she is a kreel well worker with a past she’d rather forget.  An incident at the kreel lines forces her to face her past and tempt her fate.

Words: 8200
Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

Available in: Across the Kármán Line

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The Hunt

Teeg prepared his entire life to be chosen as a Hunter.  When the Huntrix spoke his name at the Choosing, his destiny awaited.  However, nothing prepared him for what awaited them on the Hunt.

Words: 5700
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Available in: Moon Shadows

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Yuletide Magic

Before hearts entwined and battles fought, a little girl invoked the ancient magic of Yule.

Words: 1500
Genre: Fantasy/Holiday
Related Series: The World In-between

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