Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The 11 Best Books I Read in 2015

I read and read and read.  Reading books on my phone has become one of my favorite non-writing past times.  Using my subscription to Scribd, I read, on average, 4 or 5 books a month.

Going through my Scribd Library, I read some great books, some okay books, and some that I never finished.  Here are the 11 best books I read this past year.  I gave all these books 4 stars or higher on Goodreads.

No particular order.  I kept series together.  Enjoyed them all.

Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart, 1) by Dru Pagliassotti
Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind (Clockwork Heart, 2) by Dru Pagliassotti
Clockwork Secrets: Heavy Fire (Clockwork Heart, 3) by Dru Pagliassotti
Calling On Fire (Fire and Stone, 1) by Stephanie Beavers
The Watcher’s Keep (The Triadine Saga, 1) by Timothy Bond
The Dragon Rises (The Triadine Saga, 2) by Timothy Bond
Riddle in Stone (The Riddle in Stone, 1) by Robert Evert
Betrayal in the Highlands (The Riddle in Stone, 2) by Robert Evert
Blood in Snow (The Riddle in Stone, 3) by Robert Evert
The First Dragon (The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, 7) by James A. Owen
Warrior (The Blades of the Rose, 1) by Zoe Archer

Worth mentioning:
Fire Within (Fire and Stone, 2) by Stephanie Beavers
Just finished it.  Well done.

My taste in books leans heavily towards fantasy of some sort, as indicated above.  I do sometimes forget to add books that I’m reading to Goodreads.  But, I get them there eventually.  And I do tweet about books I read—what I’m reading, what annoys me, what I like, etc.

Recommend a book for my 2016 reading pleasure in the comments, on Google+, or on Twitter.  I’ll add it to my to read library on Scribd.

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