Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shhhh… Whispers Is Coming

Magical manipulation—the anti-imperialists’ advantage over the Empire.

“Imagine an unknown, unseen entity watching your every move, listening to your every word….”

Can the Whispers be stopped before the anti-imperialists invade every corner of the world in-between the portals?

Whispers, Book 4 of the World In-between Epic Fantasy Series Releases Dec 23rd

The book that almost didn’t.

Originally, Whispers was supposed to be out in October.  Deadlines zoomed past.  My characters weren’t ready to be finished with this one.  Even on the way to the final plot point, they took a detour.  But thanks to my sheer determination to make the year’s final deadline and an even bigger thanks to my editor and betas for getting through it on turbo, Whispers just edged under the wire.

Let’s break Whispers down by the numbers:

1  Word title: Whispers

2  Pens to ink the first draft

4  th Book of the World In-between fantasy series

6  Pieces of masking tape to mend my series note keeping folder

18  Months from start to finish (with other writing in-between and life and stuff)

24  Chapters with titles like: Accident Training, Into the Fog, and For the Betterment of the Empire.  Sacrifice, A Magical Misadventure, and The New Normal did not make the cut.

80  Pages of handwritten manuscript

94  Thousand words

371  Pages of pure book

Now that all the book needs is for all the retailers to produce pre-release product pages (looking at you, B&N), I thought I’d do a little relaxing.  I haven’t quite decided what I wanted to do first. 
Here are my selections:

Fallout 4
Planetside 2
Hot cookie gorging
Binge watch tv shows
Catch up on movies
Deck the halls

Here is what I have done so far:

Read the forward to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Played Decipher Me on my phone
Thought about the second installment of my Fantam Squad serial
Continued writing Hope, Book 5 of the World In-between series
Forgot to buy ink refills at the store the other day

However I decide to relax over the next week or two, I know these to be a certainty:  I will disregard any outlines I may have written.  Hot chocolate will pass my lips.  And I will watch for snow, waiting for winter to begin.


Whispers can be pre-ordered at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble

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