Friday, June 6, 2014

Fly Me to the Moon

There’s a lot of flying in a space opera.  (I know, you’re shocked.)  Where Pirates Go to Die mainly centers around one non-Galaxy-regulated ship, the Tigerlily.  To watch some spectacular flying in person, I’m heading to the Air Show this weekend. 

As many of you know, my brother is a pilot.  The aviator’s club to which he belongs gave Air Show VIP passes and is throwing a hangar party all afternoon and into the evening.  And, as a good sister, I get to go, too!  (Yay me!)  There’s a rumor that the Blue Angels will be guests at the hangar party.  Their flying is nothing short of awesome.  (Need to remember to bring earplugs for when those jets pass.)  I hope the rumor is true.  How cool would it be to meet them?  Hopefully, they will be able to give me some of their limited time to ask them plenty of questions about flying those fighter jets.  What I won’t do for research.

I’m hoping to pick up a few good moves for Wretch (the Tigerlily’s pilot) to use, especially during the final in-space battle.  Maybe, I’ll even take some halfway decent photos with my phone to share.

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