Thursday, November 17, 2016

Embracing Hope

Hope by IE Castellano hardcover version
Hope in hardcover

Writing has finished.  Editing has ceased.  Physical and digital manifestations of my words now appear in book form (at least in pre-order until Nov 22nd).  Hope (The World In-between, 5) is a reality.

Hope sees the worlds on both sides of the portal through different eyes.  Yes, Berty is still a major player in the book, but I decided to take the lens away from him.  The reader gets to know him better through his niece, Hope.  Who, in turn, gets a bigger piece of the adventure, whether she wants it or not.

Ten years after others fought the Battle of Fairyland, seventeen-year-old Hope struggles to find her place in the world.  Which side of the portal should she be spending her time?  Can she suffer through the rest of high school without detention?  What about college?  Neither magic nor archery are majors.  What exactly does a wood listener do with the rest of her life?  An unknown enemy shatters all her aspirations while attempting to subvert who she is and who she will become.

The World In-between (Book 1) introduced Hope, hinting at her magical abilities.  Bow of the Moon (Book 2) showed her magic in the hands of a young girl.  Secrets of the Sages (Book 3) brought Hope into her own, accepting her magic the only way a seven-year-old can.  Whispers (Book 4) glimpsed at the dynamic form her magic could become.  Hope (Book 5) challenges Hope to discover the limits of her magic.
Hope releases Nov 22nd.  E-book and hardcover can be pre-ordered at places that sell books.

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