Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Writing Process for a Blog Post

The blank screen beckons for words to fill it.  My fingers are poised above the keys.  They wait for that little spark of inspiration.

Will it come?

What about now?

Maybe in fifteen minutes.

Okay, let’s type this.

Reread to see where I’m going.

Wow, what a bunch of crap.


Refill my teacup.  Take a few sips.  Fingers type some more.  Stare at the screen.

Will this work?

Let’s check Google for pretty pictures.

Ooh, I still have tea in my cup.  Oh, it’s cold.  Chug it and pour warm tea from the pot.

Well, this is more…  Who wants to read this?


Eh, sick of this song.  I need some new music in my playlist.

Hey, I can post this.  Save immediately.

Check for typos.

Laugh hysterically.

Read aloud.  Find more typos.

Copy.  Paste.  Preview.

Change formatting.  Preview again.

Looks good.  Publish.

Secretly hope someone reads it.

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