Monday, September 15, 2014

Reading Subscriptions

I never thought I’d say it.  I love my ebook subscription service.

When I received my free subscription for being an early adopter author on Scribd, I honestly thought that I’d never use it.  Then, my books were reported as being read.  I gave it a second look.

Although I had wasted a month not reading, I browsed the books on their site.  I chose books and added them to my library.  Books were picked by cover and description.

After downloading the Scribd app on my phone, I began to read.  Sometimes, I read before bed, and, sometimes, when I didn’t feel like getting up yet.  I found myself reading while I waited for my food to grill or during the rare times I wasn’t writing.

My voracious reading habit returned.  I consumed book after book—any book that looked interesting—regardless of publisher or author.  Half the time, I had no idea who I read until afterwards.

Some books I did not finish.  But, with a subscription, I can take chances on a book.  Any I did not like, I deleted from my library and I simply touched the next one.  So easy.

I found many that I enjoyed.  The River Maiden by Meredith Stoddard had characters that kept me going to the next page.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out.

I have bigger authors on my to read list, too.  However, I have yet to get around to reading them.  Finding something new and unknown makes reading exciting.

Scribd is $8.99 a month for unlimited ebook reading.  They also offer a free trial.

There are other ebook subscription services.  And I am sure more will pop up in the coming months and years.  I haven’t tried any of the others but Scribd.  From what I have devoured on there, thus far, I will be continuing my subscription once my free year ends.

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