Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quoting Secrets

Secrets of the Sages by IE Castellano

Seven Sages
Seven Seals
Seven Secrets
Soon Sinister Steals
--The Pixie Priestess

A gathering of quotes from the upcoming epic fantasy, Secrets of the Sages.  Book 3 of the World In-between Series.

“Our destiny is the product of what we chose to do with our innate abilities.”

“I’ve pinned my husband to the wall in under five seconds.  And that was with only one crossbow.”

“This world is full of things we have forgotten, things we do not understand and things well out of our control.”

“I’m afraid the walls have ears.”

“I believe that people have the right to defend themselves, their families and their villages.  If someone chooses to fight for the opposition, then so be it.  People must do what they feel is right in their hearts.  Those who make that choice do not need to learn from us.  If the Empire must teach a person self-defense, then that is because there is an opposition.”

“Your brothers can learn how to behave themselves in the Emperor’s presence.”

“Your job is to protect the Empire.  I am only one man.”

“The Empire is in a state of flux, Lieutenant.  Sometimes we must change in order to stay the same.”

Berty awoke with the feeling that he was being watched.  He hated that feeling.

“You’d rather torture yourself in other ways?”

“You make it sound as if there are only two options.  I’m sure there are plenty ways to die in a place like this.”

The Dwarf drew silent as he watched Berty pass with the last Empress draped in his arms.

The twinkles disappeared quickly like the short blink of summer lightning bugs before they blended in with the grass.

“I am emptying the ocean with a thimble.”

Silvia’s smile was the sunshine in the morning rain.

“I don’t know who annoys me more, lawyers or government officials.”

He could see fear and uncertainty dwelling in her pools of brown.

Nothing inside could help fill the emptiness deep in his heart.

“She has to learn to balance.  For the rest of her life, hers will be a world in-between here and there.”

“What’s not to like about magic?”

“I have no idea what I’m doing and my tie is going to choke me when I least expect it.”

“Perhaps, it is not too late to right the wrongs of my foremothers.”

“All I can think about is how dare someone do that to my little brother.  I want to rip the person limb from limb.  Merely going to jail doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Following Hatcher, they passed gruesomely tall, brutally ugly, club wielding variations of the Trolls Berty came to know.  Their quick glare gave Berty fearsome shivers.

On a molecular level, magic and science were probably indistinguishable.  Magic was the manipulation of energy—it could not be created or destroyed.  It just changed shape.

“Everything else is out of my control.  And I’m okay with that.  Let the fates lie where they may.”

“When we promised Hope an adventure with her uncle, this is not exactly what I had in mind.”

Secrets of the Sages is available for Pre-order on Kobo and Google Play.  Available everywhere May 7th.

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