Monday, February 24, 2014

Darn That Research

I began writing a short story for this anthology.  Not too far into the story, which tends to happen, I need to do some research.  Mind you, this is a Halloween themed anthology.  Naturally, I am penning a ghost story.  Before the plot gets too “technical,” I decided to research ghosts.

Now, when I research, I do research.  I take a subject and attack it from all angles.  This approach leads me to reading—a lot.  I even take notes.  Most of what I read does not make it into the finished product.  However, it helps my mind wrap around what I am creating.  I have also found that the tiny details make a subject interesting.  Sometimes, it takes many a long hour to reach those interesting tidbits.

For this story (still nameless), I dove into the subject of ghosts.  History of ghosts.  Ghost hunting.  Hauntings.  Sightings.  Et cetera.  After flicking through photo galleries of supposed ghosts, I had to stop.  I am sure most of them were faked in one way or another.  Some seemed to be wishful thinking.  I could not see what was claimed in the caption or in the red circle—even when enlarged (pixilation makes nothing better).

Unfortunately for me, I internalize my research.  Everything I read mentions how ghosts are prominent in old buildings, churches and the ever-popular graveyard.  Did I mention that my house is over 100 years old?  And that I live in a church rich area?  I won’t be taking pictures around my house or neighborhood anytime soon, just in case.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


  1. I admire anyone who can do research! It kills it for me.

    Then again, I consider time on Pinterest research, and that almost always motivates me! (I think it's because it's visual!)

    Also, I write fantasy. So most research just ends up being world-building, which means I have to make a lot of decisions, which is quite exhausting. End point: sorry I've strayed so much from the original intent of this comment :)

    1. Haven't gotten into Pinterest yet. Though, sometimes, I consider my morning scroll through Google+ research. Especially, if someone posts a great link or picture.

      Usually, I love reading all the research I dig through. But the whole ghost thing... I've regulated ghostly research to mornings. And, I don't write the story in the evening either. I save evenings for editing my less bad dream inducing work.