Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poetry Wednesday 8 May 13

Art of Noise

If a symphony were a collection of memories,
thoughts would be instruments, yet I wonder
how the songs they played might describe the
human temperament.

Could percussions articulate one’s discussions?
Or their tempo explain why through
life we are constantly rushing?
Would violins praise or hate? They may
only be relevant to help foresee one’s fate.

When choosing to compete, will trombones’
allure allow the rest of the song to sing?
While watching clarinets show movement,
I saw an oboe, harp, and flute grow wings.

Whereas trumpets are knights
anointed with the strength to fight,
saxophones are king of the stage,
and thy queen is shown through
the beauty of its melody.

Yet wisdom is shown through
a director’s willingness to follow,
for by loving the art of noise, he shall lead.
Gods Love by Calvert Tynes
Full book cover for God's Love by Calvert Tynes

—Calvert Tynes

Calvert Tynes is the author of God's Love. Find Calvert on Facebook.


  1. Dulcet and beautiful poem! I really enjoyed it. Thank you! :D