Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorite Lines

As my hand glides ink across the blank, white page, some of my favorite lines are penned into existence. Every time I read them, they give me the same emotional response as when I first wrote them. Over the next few posts, I will share them with you.

From Bow of the Moon, the latest in my epic fantasy series, the World In-between:

As they drove into the city, Declan tried to look up with his head plastered onto the door window.

The old adage of forgive and forget became a trudge through quicksand on a beach as high tide crashed onto the shore.

“That Scholar fed me lies and I devoured them like a starving man.”

The people in the pub lived their lives mostly on the insides of a tankard.

“With wisdom comes responsibility. Somewhere along the way, I misplaced both.”

A large serpentine yellow Dragon curled herself around the rocks the way a small child would cling to a stuffed animal or security blanket for safety.

All he could smell was a uniform, musty dampness. He thought that mythological beasts would smell more distinctive if they came near.

Chuckling, he thought that his life had a normalcy of strangeness.

He had reached his destination and it wished to behead him.

“Forgive the tests, Emperor, but wisdom does not come without its price.”

“She believes in the Land of Sages more than she believes in the Easter Bunny. Though I am not quite sure where Santa lies on that scale.”

“Let two become one, until days are done. To you, I pledge my everything.”

Looking around, Berty felt as though he had stepped inside a box of exploded crayons that had been left in the sun too long.

“What is the purpose of wisdom without practicality?”

The clicking of her shoes on stone echoed through the corridor as she ran back to the surface.

Colors dripped from the domes that topped the building down the walls in a sparkling cascade of colored chaos.

“We do not answer questions with a question.”

The beige burned away revealing beautiful multicolored designs that covered the walls, pillars, ceiling and floor.

“Those of noble soul will always do what is right regardless of immediate outside consequences or judgement.”

A scream cut through the forest.

“We are all only men, defined by our choices.”

The structure reeked of neglect and birds.

An orchestra playing a symphony of sadness stalked the black stone ruins.

“We have rested enough. Let’s not keep the far reaches of our world waiting.”

As the trees got closer, the ground shook with giant fury.

Berty could not imagine losing the son to save the father.

“I will walk all night for a hot bath and a soft bed.”

Myths were stories invoked from the pieces of our distant memories.

They walked emitting only the muffled crunching of boots rhythmically touching the forest floor.

Declan returned his wand to the inside folds of his cloak as the flames floated on top of the lake.

“It’s nice to have something that always points you home.”

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