Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Legendary Thanks

The First Thanksgiving has become an American legend, a fairytale of sorts. Pilgrims and Tribesmen gathered around a large table celebrating the fruits of the first harvest. Each brought different foods to share. Yes, it really happened, but the true details have been lost to the ages.

Thanksgiving dinner with the Castellano family has all the makings of being legendary. We get a huge turkey from a local farm. Stuffing is made from saved leftover bread. Our cranberry mold has a lightness that dances on your palette. The pumpkin pie harks back to the days before dense, sugary pre-made crust.

Of course, there is a pasta course like we have at every big meal. This year, we will blend our pasta with clams and mussels from our New England roots. A colonial style oyster stew will be served in cute covered pumpkin bowls. Brussel sprouts from the garden are sautéed with roasted Italian chestnuts. Our meal will start with a classic Italian-American antipasto salad. We blend our heritages to make our own traditions in true American fashion.

Thursday is approaching. I am looking forward to quality time in the kitchen cooking with my family. In my family, making the food together is just as important as enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Legends are crafted using every fiber that we offer. We all have our own legends to create. Getting together with loved ones brings something legendary out of us all.

I hope your tables overflow with food, your conversations overflow with laughter and your hearts overflow with love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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