Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poetry Wednesday 18 April 12


by Abhay Adil

In the journey of life
A man searching for light

In the coldness of the world
And emptiness of the heart
Is there any place with goodness and grace?
Where one can break free

A place where a man can be what he wants to be
A place high above in heaven
After the long journey of life
A man can slow down for a peaceful rest

Searching and searching all his life
Can’t find a simple spot for rest
Living in the chest of broken glass
And all the hope is lost

He finally found a place to rest
The salience he got at last
Away from the dreadful voices
From whom he wanted to depart

Love that he never got
Delight he never saw
Unappreciated and deceived
Is what he feels

The darkness filled his dreams
Crushing his heart and making him scream

He left this place and walked of the ledge
Towards the shinning place with happy face
To finally find his place
On a stop called Willoughby

Willoughby a poem by Abhay Adil Inspired from "The Twilight Zone” episode “A stop at Willoughby”

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  1. Lovely and thoughtful poem.. i can very well relate to this as i am through a similar pahse..where nothing seems to be positive for me...