Sunday, March 4, 2012

March into Somewhere

Ah, March. Spring is well on its way. Of course some of us could argue that winter never really made an appearance. This morning, the snow jokingly played in the air only to melt on contact. However, this evening snow blankets with a vengeance.

I missed the snow this winter. I missed the entire month or so of days in the 20s. Some would call me crazy. They loved the mild winter. These will be the first people to complain about our extra buggy spring. Every action has at least one reaction. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes a mixture of both.

The whims of March can bring us snow, rain, sun, warm, cool and pretty darn cold. It can fake the trees into early bloom only to encase the flower show under a coating of ice. Reports of crocuses blooming have sprung around the area. I have pretty lemon yellow daffodils planted by a previous owner that have yet to show their green leaves.

Regardless of what the weather brings, this is the time of year I anticipate planting my garden. Over the coming weeks I will collect seed packets and plan my trip to the various local nurseries. My family and I plant vegetable favorites of previous seasons and a few experimentations. This year’s garden experiment will be turnips, long beans and perhaps onions grown from sets.

After all the hard work of tilling and amending the soil, serenity finds me as I watch what I planted grow.

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